1. Is there a market for you? - At the moment the answers to this question is almost certainly yes, but do take time to confirm this with Alternative Direction before taking the plunge. Our staff will give you an honest opinion of your marketability and value in the market. 

2. Are you really sure contracting is for you? - The support of your family is extremely important. Contracting can mean working away from home or long hours as required. Obviously the financial rewards are immense but make sure that your friends and family know that it is not always a bowl of cherries!

Equally important is your ability to make a good impression whilst selling yourself. You must be able to demonstrate your knowledge, enthusiasm and character at an interview. Once on site you must be able to get on with people at the same time as being self-sufficient. You should be flexible about the type of work which you will undertake, the geographical area, hours of work and even rates of pay. Most importantly of all, you must be professional, self-confident, determined, persistent and realistic - no small order!

 3. Do you need a Ltd Company? - No, in a word - you can work as a PAYE employee of an agency thus negating the need for a Ltd Company or Account. It may be that it is more profitable for you to have a company but that can be set up at a later date. Unfortunately, agencies are not allowed to have people working on a self employed basis, other than via a Ltd or Umbrella Company. Our recommended accountants, will answer any queries about this. 4. So how do you get a contract? - Firstly, contact Alternative Direction. Our staff work within specialist divisions which means that they will fully understand your market.

Our consultants will give you advice on current opportunities, will help you to compile your CV and answer any queries you have.

Once we have your CV it will be entered onto our database and we will start contacting you with opportunities. We will only send your CV to a client once we have your permission to do so and once we are satisfied that the role offered is suitable for you.

If after interview you decide that the assignment is right for you and vice versa contracts will be signed and you're in business!

The contract you sign is with Alternative Direction and means that we are responsible for paying you for your work and that it is our responsibility to collect money for your services from our client. We operate a regular pay roll and will pay you regardless of whether or not our client has paid us.

After you have completed your 1st assignment for us we will do our utmost to ensure that you keep working via Alternative Direction.

You need to convince the interviewer that you are the best possible person for the job. Before you enter the interview room, you are just another name on the list. Make sure that by the time you come out, yours is the only name on it.

Stay calm, think clearly and don't let tricky questions and being under pressure put you off your stride.