Established in 1992, Alternative Direction Recruitment has a growing team of consultants, with full support and backup facilities. We recruit on behalf of numerous companies from large blue-chip companies to smaller privately owned companies. We pride ourselves in providing a quality professional service, and recognise the fact that individual clients require individual recruitment solutions. We can therefore create bespoke recruitment packages to match a company's specific requirements and the personal needs of candidates. Within the company there are divisions specialising in :- Sales and Marketing; IT; Financial Services; and Commercial (including administration, receptionists, VDU input, Secretarial, and Accounts).

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We have a number of methods at our disposal for the sourcing of suitable candidates. We find that relying on only one source e.g. advertising, does not always provide the best pool of candidates. In our experience the most appropriate candidates are not always actively looking to make a move. We therefore find that other methods such as executive search, prove more successful in sourcing high calibre candidates.



This involves searching for suitable candidates via the use of advertising on both a local and national basis and on our Website. ALTERNATIVE DIRECTION RECRUITMENT will then handle and fully monitor all responses from these adverts, reporting back to the client on a regular basis. We will then interview and vet each candidate individually Three methods of advertising are available, these are:-anonymous advertisements containing only the ALTERNATIVE DIRECTION RECRUITMENT logo; advertisements with the company logo; and company advertisements with ALTERNATIVE DIRECTION RECRUITMENT handling all responses. A professional and confidential executive search and selection service available, which in our experience often provides high calibre candidates where other traditional methods may have had marginal success. This method is particularly appropriate for the 40k + salary bracket methods of recruitment. Our research department will carry out a full survey of the relevant companies in order to identify suitable candidates. A consultant will then interview the selected candidates in full confidence in order to establish whether they would be genuinely interested in moving, or are merely curious. Only if genuinely interested will the client's name be mentioned.



ALTERNATIVE DIRECTION RECRUITMENT has a database of over 10,000 high calibre candidates, which is updated on a daily basis. Clients may email fax or telephone their requirements to their account exec who will perform a search and select a shortlist. This shortlist will then be re- screened and the appropriate candidates will be forwarded for interview.
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ALTERNATIVE DIRECTION RECRUITMENT will in the first instance screen all candidates, and then forward suitable candidates judged on the relevant criteria to the client. Upon completion of each interview stage, feedback will be forwarded to the client either by way of a telephone conversation or letter whereby the client will be advised of that particular candidate's feelings towards the client. All correspondence, including offer, rejection, appointment letters etc. will be handled by ALTERNATIVE DIRECTION RECRUITMENT.


Flexibility is the key to successful recruitment The decisions as to the particular methods of recruitment ultimately lie with the client. We view our relationship with clients as partnerships, and aim within a short period of time to be viewed as an extension of a client's own recruitment department, rather than an outside third party. We are therefore convinced that we provide and will continue to provide our clients with a valuable, efficient and professional service which ultimately adds to the bottom line of your business.